Steve and JoMarie Hansen


We like nothing better than sharing the special beauty and fine wines here at Basel with others. Please come visit and experience it for yourselves. We look forward to meeting you and calling you friends.

Ryan Sams

Wine Grower & General Manager

It’s no secret that any good glass of wine is made in the vineyard. We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our vineyard practices in order to deliver the highest quality grapes to the winery.

Dirk Brink


When I drive through the front gates here at Basel I feel honored and proud to be a part of this team. It’s awesome that Steve and Jo Marie are giving us the opportunity to express our abilities and talents every day!

Joshua Wood

Hospitality Manager

I’m a lucky man to spend my days helping folks from around the globe plan and create their event or stay here at this amazing estate.

Leo Kirk

Director of Sales

Growing up in the Napa Valley wine industry taught me to appreciate wine and food. I feel very fortunate to be able to bring the story of Basel Cellars and Washington State wine to consumers everywhere.

Mariano Diaz

Vineyard Assistant

I love showing up to work every morning, there’s a great vibe, incredible people, and I enjoy seeing the fruit of our work every day on the estate grounds and in the vineyard.

Kennady Funk Dunlap

Tasting Room & Wine Club Manager

I truly believe that Basel Cellars offers world-class wine accompanied by unprecedented customer service. I love working at Basel Cellars because of the fun and friendly customers I get to meet and the fantastic team of people I get to work with that bring our vision to life every day!

Kevin Steffanson

Tasting Room Manager Woodinville

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned at Basel Cellars and how many great relationships I’ve made while working here… Oh wait, I guess this is the beginning of telling you!

Maxx McGoff

Tasting Room Manager Woodinville

I think what sets Basel Cellars apart is that the wine is exceptional and I am really looking forward to sharing the wines with our guests and helping to expand our footprint in Woodinville.

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It takes a lot to run a winery. It takes a great team

Our team at Basel Cellars really our working family enjoys the social culture that surrounds wine. While each of us comes from different backgrounds, we’re all dedicated to the same vision of making a range of stand-out wines that really show off Eastern Washington terroir; wines that can grace your table be it a weekday dinner with friends, or a major milestone occasion.

We work hard, but above all else, we like to have fun. While our work takes us in many different directions; educating visitors in the tasting room, managing growth in the vineyard, building relationships in the market, or expertly blending in the batcave, our favorite times to come together are at our events like the STOMP Harvest and Pool Party where we get to enjoy time with Club 2901 members touring through the vineyards, showing them the crush process, and then playing the day away at the pool, and during the STOMP competition.