House Wines

Basel Cellars House Wines are among the best values you’ll find anywhere. Always hand-crafted and meant to be enjoyed with food, friends, and great celebrations.

Estate Wines

Friends and family + food + wine = FUN. Enjoy Basel Cellars Estate Wines on your everyday occasions. Kick back and relax; these wines pair with elaborate cuisine or your latest “kitchen-sink” creation. Find them in your local market and on your favorite restaurant menus. If you see something you can’t find in your area, request Basel Cellars wine at your local wine shop, or contact our distributor in your area

Winemaker’s Vault

Basel Cellars’ most exquisite vineyard blocks come together with our finest barrels, carefully hand-crafted to produce these beautiful wines. Our Winemaker’s Vault wines are held under lock and key, in optimum conditions, and prepared for those very special occasions and celebrations.